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Shahbano focuses on producing apparels which are fashionable, stylish and timeless. Having spent several years in the glitzy galore of the fashion industry, Shahbano has finally come into her own! Redefining traditional concepts, Shahbano has emerged as the ultimate diva of the fashion scene’s ravishing regime. The couture is famous for a contemporary take on the classics, expanding her brand’s horizons

Shahbano has introduced another fashion line, “MALKANI”
Reimagining the past, Malkani by Shahbano bows to tradition for inspiration. This unstitched line resonates with elegance and style. Introducing outfits that have trendy silhouettes and are majorly made of embroidered and traditionally crafted fabric.Applying modern aesthetics to our illustrious past, Shahbano is reviving the indigenous art, which is bound to take the fashion industry by storm.